'Genetics just aren't in favor': Paige Spiranac reveals bizarre comment circulating about social media stars' appearance

‘Genetics just aren’t in favor’: Paige Spiranac reveals bizarre comment circulating about social media stars’ appearance

Almost every golf fan on social media follows Paige Spiranac. It has earned the throne of becoming the largest golf entity on the internet. However, despite all the positivity from her fans, Spiranac is constantly hit with negative comments regarding her body. She recently addressed all of her thoughts on the recent episode of her podcast.


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Spiranac is always open about her thoughts and opinions. She uses her podcast Playing a trick with Paige Renee to have the unfiltered conversation about his life. In the recent episode, “Favorite » Misleading Headlines of 2022, the influencer spoke about all the false rumors that made headlines.


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Although some topics are related to other celebrities and sports athletes, Spiranac didn’t hesitate when it was his turn to talk about his headlines. Let’s take a look at what the former professional golfer had to say.

Genetics not in my favor, says Paige Spiranac

While talking about the biggest misleading headlines of 2022, Spiranac ends up talking about the comments section under his photos. She explains how fans claim she doesn’t have the best butt. “I mean, everybody comments on it“said the 29-year-old.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – DECEMBER 05: Paige Spiranac of USA having fun during her preview practice round for the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters 2016 on Majlis Course at Emirates Golf Club on December 5, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Emirates. (Photo by David Canon/Getty Images)

However, Paige Spiranac then reveals the reasons why she thinks she doesn’t have the best body. She says, “I think it’s because my body looks a bit out of proportion.” The social media influencer further adds how some people say she has a figure similar to the alphabet P.

Nonetheless, Spiranac went on to explain how she works hard in the gym to get the best body. But despite all the hard work, his genetics don’t do him justice. “I kill myself in the gym. But that’s just genetics.”. Since the former professional golfer believes in the importance of having a natural body, she’s calling on celebrities to embrace unnatural ways to get a much thicker body.

Spiranac is unhappy with how celebrities have the perfect body

According to Spiranac, celebrities and many other influencers have performed the Brazilian butt lift, considered one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries. It helps to get the perfect bottom. Spiranac said:With the BBL look, which is one if you don’t know, it’s a Brazilian butt lift where they suck fat from other parts of your body and they put it in your butt”.


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MIAMI BEACH, FL – JULY 16: Paige Spiranac attends MAXIM Hot 100 Experience in Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach on July 16, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

Spiranac thinks the surgery has given people the wrong perspective on what a perfect body really looks like. She says, “So people have this idea that you should have this body where you have a tiny little waistline and this huge ass these huge t**s”. Ultimately, the social media influencer again blames her genetics.

“I can’t, I can’t physically and I work very hard. But genetics just aren’t in my favor when it comes to having a big dick“said Paige Spiranac. Although she feels she may not have the best body, many fans still look up to her. Additionally, she was crowned the sexiest woman alive in 2022 by Maxim magazine.


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It’s great to see Spiranac speaking out to her fans about body positivity, as she herself has been the victim of negative comments about her body. However, she still hit back at bullies and spoke about body shamers.

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