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Veganuary 2023 to strengthen India’s love for plants and the planet

New Delhi [India], Dec 7 (ANI/PNN): Veganuary – the global campaign to try vegan for January and beyond – is set to boost India’s love for plants and the planet. He uses humor, hummus and hope to inspire positive change for health and the environment. Backed by celebrity supporters and huge popularity among Indians in its previous avatar (2022), a large number of people are expected to sign up to try the vegan for January as registration opens today.

On its 10th global anniversary, 10 popular Indian vegans are supporting the campaign, including Soundarya Sharma – actor and BigBoss contestant; Arvind Krishna – actor and professional 3×3 basketball player; Monica Dogra – musician and actress; Amy Aela – actor; Prakriti Varshney – mountaineer, Mt. Everest; Kuntal Joisher – climber Mt. Everest; Vishwajeet Sangle – professional tennis player; Anushka Manchanda-singer; Sadaa Syed – actor and Sneha Ullal – actor.

Soundarya Sharma has shown that you can be a vegan and thrive in any situation. She shared her encouragement with everyone trying vegan in January. Arvind Krishna said: “I am vegan for the environment, the animals, for my health and wellbeing. I am delighted to join Veganuary as an ambassador and hope that my active lifestyle will inspire many to try the vegan one”.

This January’s theme is ‘Hope’ and the campaign has a desi twist to engage more Indians. In addition to free resources and 31-day coaching emails, this year’s resources include a new Indian starter kit that answers all the questions about veganism, more Indian recipes, a one-pot meal plan for help make meals cheaper and faster, plus an updated celebrity recipe e-book with recipes from Indian and global celebrities including Venus Williams and Dr Jane Goodall, and a new podcast series that will be launched on January 1.

Reflecting on her decision to be a campaign ambassador, Monica Dogra said, “I became a vegan after watching a documentary about how eggs are produced, and also hearing information about the environmental impact of dairy products. factory farming. I had already been a vegetarian for years for similar reasons. I recognize that it is a process, but it is a process that is easier than ever today, and one that should surely be considered by the privileged to help reduce the impact on the planet and promote a way of life compassionate and aware.

Market research indicates a growing popularity of veganism in India. A YouGov survey in December 2021 found that 65% of Indians plan to eat more plant-based/vegan foods in 2022. In January 2022, India had the third highest number of people signing up to try the vegan, just after the UK and USA.

In addition to the climatic, social and health benefits, veganism also has enormous economic implications. India’s plant-based meat market, currently worth USD 30-40 million, is expected to grow to USD 500 million over the next two years. Sales of plant-based dairy products in India are expected to increase from their current level of USD 21 million to USD 63.9 million by 2024, at a CAGR of 20.7%. Due to growing demand, meat and dairy substitutes are competitively priced and readily available on par with their animal-based counterparts.

Amy Aela shared her sentiment saying, “Choosing to be plant-based isn’t about diet, it’s about choosing a morally sound lifestyle. As human beings, we have the ability to think morally and rationally – unlike other animals. So if we can have a happy, healthy life without hurting anyone else, why wouldn’t we?”

Prakriti Varshney, the first vegan woman to climb Mount Everest, recorded a motivational video for Veganuary attendees and observed “If you can live a happy, strong, healthy life without harming animals and nature, then why wouldn’t you?”

To help people track their progress while encouraging them to follow a vegan diet, Veganuary has also collaborated with vegan bakery Maloney’s Delights and introduced special edition Veganuary calendars.

India’s Veganuary manager, Prashanth Vishwanath, said: “Now is the time for hope, change and action. Whatever your plans for 2023, trying vegan is a great place to start, for health, planet and animals. Veganuary understands the science of behavior change and provides world-class support and resources to ensure you have a great vegan experience. You can do this while enjoying most of your Indian recipes. favorites, engaging with vegan celebrities and being part of a community that is trying vegan at the same time as you are”

If you are in Delhi or Bengaluru, be sure to catch Veganuary from the many taxis that line the streets. You can even use the QR code on the taxi to register!


Notes to Editor

Membership of Veganuary is free and people can sign up at ( to receive our Celebrity eCookbook, the new Official Veganuary Starter Kit and 31 daily emails containing nutritional information, delicious Indian recipes, meal plans and helpful tips.

Nearly 2.5 million people, from almost every country in the world, have officially participated since the launch of our commitment in January 2014. With campaign centers now in Germany, the United States, Brazil, Chile , Argentina, India and the UK, Veganuary has truly become a global phenomenon.

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