From feline genetics start-up to companion animal genetics leader: Kevin O'Leary's all-time favorite product, Basepaws, reappears on Shark Tank with big updates

From feline genetics start-up to companion animal genetics leader: Kevin O’Leary’s all-time favorite product, Basepaws, reappears on Shark Tank with big updates

ANGELS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Basepaws, the brand that introduced the world’s first Breed + Health home cat DNA test, returned to ABC’s Shark Tank on Friday, December 2. This update marks the company’s third appearance on the show, a rarity for most brands – bolstered by Shark Kevin O’Leary’s recent remarks about the Basepaws cat DNA testing as his favorite Shark Tank product. all time. Founder and CEO Anna Skaya highlighted 2022 as a pivotal year for Basepaws and shared her plans for growth in 2023. Skaya was joined by Kristin Peck, CEO of Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company. Basepaws was acquired by Zoetis Inc. for over $50 million in June 2022, and the company plans to launch a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) dog product next year.

“I love being part of the Shark Tank family. This show has brought so much to Basepaws, not only allowing us to share our work with the world, but more importantly empowering pet parents to take informed action that help proactively care for their animals,” Skaya said. “With Shark Tank, Basepaws and Zoetis are bringing attention to the value of at-home genetic testing and how it can provide in-depth information that translates by better lives for pets, even longer.”

When Basepaws first appeared on Shark Tank in 2019 during the show’s 10th season, Skaya delivered a pitch that demonstrated the exponential growth potential of genetic testing for pets. With a few thousand cat DNA tests sold and an expected revenue of $400,000 in the company’s first year, Skaya entered the Tank seeking $250,000 in return for a stake. by 5%. From the airing of this episode to the end of 2021, Basepaws has reached over $3 million in revenue. The company expects significant growth in 2023 under its new parent company, Zoetis.

“When Anna Skaya first came on Shark Tank, I thought cat DNA testing was the craziest idea I’d ever heard,” O’Leary said. “But she claimed that Basepaws could help extend a cat’s life – and it turns out she was right. Cat owners across the country agree and continue to prove that Basepaws is the one of the most successful brands ever to appear on Shark Tank.

Acquisition of Zoetis

The acquisition of Basepaws in 2022 serves to advance Zoetis’ portfolio in precision animal health. Zoetis emphasized that the genetic information offered by Basepaws can contribute to a better understanding of an individual animal’s disease risk and can lead to more meaningful engagements between pet owners and veterinarians and a greater likelihood of detection. and early treatment of the disease.

“Basepaws has done an exceptional job of using Shark Tank as a platform to raise awareness of unmet health needs in pets, especially cats,” Peck said. “Our investment in Basepaws leverages their world’s largest feline genomic and oral microbiome databases, which will augment Zoetis’ R&D pipeline and breakthrough innovation in pet care.” . »

Basepaws 2022 Holiday Deals and Upcoming Dog Products

Through December 26, Basepaws is offering discounted pricing on all three of its cat products: $60 off their Cat Breed + Health DNA Test with Code XMAS$30 Off Their Oral Health Test With Code DENTAL30, and $100 off their whole genome sequencing test for cats with code WGS100.

In 2023, Basepaws will launch a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) dog DNA test for pet parents on its website as well as on Amazon and other consumer channels. Basepaws testing goes beyond breed by looking for hundreds of genetic markers associated with an animal’s risk of disease. Genetic health information is prioritized in digital customer reports, which provide a clear roadmap for making informed, proactive decisions for the long-term health and well-being of their pets.

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About Basepaws

Basepaws is a companion animal genetics company developing early detection tests for health risks based on genetic and microbiome data. Basepaws is committed to companion animal health research and owns the world’s first in-home genetic testing platform for cats, the solid foundation upon which it is building a new product portfolio for dogs. Founded in 2017 by Anna Skaya, the company is based in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

About Zoetis

As a global leader in animal health, Zoetis is driven by a single purpose: to feed our world and humanity by advancing animal care. After 70 years of innovation in the prediction, prevention, detection and treatment of animal diseases, Zoetis continues to support those who raise and care for animals worldwide, from breeders to veterinarians and pet owners. The company’s portfolio and pipeline of advanced medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and technologies are making a difference in more than 100 countries. A Fortune 500 company, Zoetis generated $7.8 billion in revenue in 2021 with approximately 12,100 employees. For more information, visit

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