Polarized blazar X-rays involve acceleration of particles upon impact

  • He coordinated the multi-wavelength observations, performed the analysis, and led the writing of the paper. HK, APM, LP, P.-OP, JP, F. Tavecchio and RWR contributed to the discussion and parts of the document. IA, CC, JE and I. Myserlis provided the millimeter radio polarization data. BA-G., IA, AVB, MB, GB, VC, MG-C., CH, JJ, V. Kravtsov, EL, IL, KN, SSS and AS provided optical polarization data. GVP provided the infrared polarization data. APM, GMM, RM, LP, M. Perri and SP provided Swift and NuSTAR data. LDG, NDL, ID, SRE, HLM, RM, MN, NO, A. Paggi and ALP contributed to the IXPE analysis. The other authors are part of the multi-wavelength and IXPE monitoring teams whose significant contribution made the multi-wavelength polarization observations possible.

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