5 end-of-year gifts that are good for the planet

5 end-of-year gifts that are good for the planet

Glass straws: Now it’s cool to suck

This set of four colored glass straws with angled heads enhances your drinking experience while helping to end single-use plastic. It includes a custom-designed companion tool for cleaning straws, and the sleek case has air holes, meaning your straws dry out even when neatly stored. Made from borosilicate glass, the straws have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, making them more resistant to thermal shock than any other standard glass. More than 663 million people do not have access to drinking water. With each purchase of a Soma product, a donation is made to charity water projects. These contributions go directly to sustainable, community-based water supply projects in developing countries. Nowadays, charity water has financed more than 22,000 projects and provided access to drinking water to more than 7 million people in 24 countries. GiftsForGood.com

Light up your life: A smart table lamp that feels you’re there

The Dyson Lightcycle is the last desk lamp you’ll ever need. It automatically simulates the properties of natural daylight and adjusts its glow to the room around it and notes whether someone is present or not, ensuring it doesn’t waste energy. The light tracks the color temperature and daylight brightness where you live and adjusts the light accordingly to prevent eye strain. Special technology keeps six high-power LEDs cool enough to protect light quality for 60 years, and motion sensors turn the light on when you’re nearby and turn it off when you’re away for more than 5 minutes. “Our bodies can be influenced by the changing color and brightness spectrum of daylight. So our new light adapts to the daylight where you live,” says designer Jake Dyson, son of legendary designer James Dyson. Connect the lamp to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, and when the light is connected, it will sync the color temperature to the perfect setting to match your location anywhere on Earth. It’s a smart feature and is said to have a host of mental and physical benefits. Dyson.com

sparkling life: Put the fun back in your bottle (reusable)

By the time you finish reading this Gifts for Good page, an additional 5 million single-use plastic bottles will have been sold worldwide. One SodaStream carbonating bottle can save up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles and cans. Although Sodastream has been around for decades, the brand has evolved from the innovative idea of ​​creating your own sparkling water at home to one focused on conserving resources. The company also makes a conscious effort to recycle its carbonating CO2 cylinders. Each exchanged cylinder returned to its facility is cleaned, inspected and filled with fresh CO2. SodaStream.com

Go natural: Seaweed you can wear

Pangaia’s mission is simple: save our environment, one colorful hoodie, tracksuit and sweatshirt at a time. Its labels list everything from eucalyptus pulp and seaweed powder to wildflowers and non-toxic dyes, each designed to reduce its impact on the planet. Science, purpose and design are three things the company keeps in mind when designing innovative new materials. Two such innovations are FLWRDWN, a down fill material made from a combination of wildflowers, biopolymer, airgel and C-FIBER, which combines eucalyptus pulp and seaweed powder – harvested every four years in Iceland – to create silky soft styles. you can wear it, support the ecosystems used to make it, and give back to the planet whatever they take. The fabric obtained is water-efficient, biobased and 100% biodegradable. About a quarter of the chemicals produced in the world are used to make textiles. Traces of these chemicals can end up in our streams, lakes and oceans in the water that comes out of our taps. Pangaia.com

Engage nature: Quieter, Cleaner Snowmobiles

Canadian company Taiga has launched its first fully electric snowmobile, the Nomad. It allows outdoor enthusiasts to consciously explore winter terrain without compromising performance while gliding silently through nature without noise or CO2 emissions. The 90 HP Nomad has a range of 65 miles and integrates seamlessly with existing electric vehicle charging networks. “The delivery of our Nomad snowmobile is the realization of a seven-year vision to provide riders with an electric snowmobile that does not compromise performance while preserving the environment,” said CEO Sam Bruneau. TaigaMotors.com

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