8 Ways to Ask the Universe for Exactly What You Need (According to a Psychic)

The Universe holds many choices that can lead us to love and miracles.

We can choose where we want to live, how we want to feel, and what we want to manifest.

If you are looking for new tools to design your dream life, this list will probably help you. Prayer and astrology are the perfect mix to help you create a magical life.

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The recent Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25th has really impacted my life.

It takes a big cosmic shift for my emotions to swirl and change course. This eclipse has accomplished just that.

I started feeling the disruptive energy of the eclipse a few days before it actually happened. This was impacted by the torn land and restructuring of my home and landscaping.

I felt groundless.

It was like waking up to see my life unfolding in the tower tarot card. Things were being destroyed, the Earth was being turned upside down and walls had come down.

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