Kyle Jaynes, PhD student at Michigan State University, with an Atelopus coynei in northern Ecuador

Michigan State Research Shows 32 Species of Frogs Still Exist, Not Extinct

“I can’t tell you how special it is to hold something we never thought we’d see again,” Kyle Jaynes, a PhD student at Michigan State University, said after a trip to South America in search of… harlequin frogs.

Jaynes, a member of MSU’s Department of Integrative Biology and Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program, was part of a team that helped bring back up to 32 species of Harlequin Frogs, at least academically, from between the dead.

The team, through a combination of literature review and fieldwork, showed that some of the colorful, patterned, and varied neotropical species once widespread throughout the range of the Ecuadorian Andes, but that thought to be extinct in recent decades, still survive in the wild. .

It’s an underfrog story, as Matt Davenport said in an MSU Today article. The team’s findings are presented in a new study published in the journal Biological Conservation.

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